2020 Upgrade Smart Robot

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Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner

Clean the room easily every day, mopping the floor.




Big intelligent control water tank

S5 Max is an electric water tank, the latest precision pump, which controls the flow of water evenly.

290ML large capacity, It is easy to wet 200 square meters each time.



Wet mop with downward pressure.

Spring water tank, stable pressure of 300g downward,

mop touches the floor, stronger cleaning.



APP sets the restricted area

You can set a restricted area on the carpet. When the robot wet mop the floor,

it automatically avoids the carpet and prevents the carpet from getting wet.


Automatically stop water seepage.

When the robot returns to the charging base, it automatically stops seepage,

So you can fill the tank with water and prepare for the next wet mop.



Precise control of water seepage.

S5 MAX can precisely control water consumption, tookfun,

so you can choose the most suitable water seepage speed to deal with different floors.

The robot has been tested for 1500 hours.




High-precision laser navigation

High-precision laser navigation system to clean your room at 300RPM,

Create a map of your room in real time.




Automatically planning the best cleaning path

Advanced programmed AI algorithm, automatically adapt to your room, calculate the best and fast cleaning path according to the shape and position of obstacles,

So the cleaning speed is increased by 15%.



Advanced customized cleaning.

Remember cleaning time and position, even different suction and water seepage, For special rooms you set.


Virtual walls, set up restricted areas.

Open the app, you can set the restricted area and obstacles on the map.



2000PA big suction, lasting power.

Powerful suction, S5 Max can easily suck the dust in the gaps in the floor and the carpet,

And 5200mAh large battery, if set to quiet mode, it can work for 190 minutes.




Automatic charging, intelligently find the charging base.

When cleaning a larger room, the robot calculates the remaining waiting space,

and returns to the charging base. 

When it finishes charging, it automatically returns and continues cleaning.


Set up an area for cleaning.

If you accidentally sprinkle potato chips on the ground, you can set a special cleaning area,

and the S5max will clean this area.


Strong climbing ability.

Easily climb over sills and carpets, at height of 0.8in (2cm).

When the robot cleans the carpet, it automatically switches to Strong mode.



Installing the mop is very simple.

Unique pull-out design, mop bracket can be easily installed and removed,

You don't have to flip the robot or disassemble the water tank.



Remote Intelligent Control

Open the Mihome app, and you can check the sweep status in real time and get a real-time map of the cleanup. In addition, you can always arrange my clean-up tasks, before work to set a good daily cleaning time, home after work can feel clean ground bring happiness. Cleaning, there are quiet, standard, strong three kinds of sweeping mode can be switched.



All sensors are upgraded.

Be smarter and faster and protect yourself.



Sweep along the wall

I am along the wall sensor, in the process of cleaning the wall side gap always and the wall to maintain an accurate distance of about 10mm, at the same time with the edge brush high-speed rotation can completely clean the wall edge of the gap dust.



Modular design

Maintenance of all modules is very simple,

Quick installation and removal, main brush, mop, water tank, dust box,

You can water wash the filter and mop.



The filter can be cleaned

After washing a year still can maintain 95% of the filter performance.

Wash the frequency once a week.




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